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Kenya 2013: Day 1 – The adventure begins, Manchester to Heathrow

Just a quick check to see if my WordPress app is working before we head off. Flying from Manchester to Heathrow tonight & an overnight stop at the Sofitel at Terminal 5.

The dogs don’t look impressed at being left behind with the more than capable Matt… dirty looks are being given and tails are a bit on the limp side. One sight of a packed bag & they know what’s about to happen!

Tomorrow we fly out from Heathrow at about 10.30am & should be at the hotel in Nairobi by midnight all being well for a 1 night stop before heading to Wilson airstrip Monday morning for a flight in a small plane (not sure how small yet!!) out to the Masai Mara where a grass/earth strip awaits to land on… with hopefully no animals grazing on it at the time! 🙂

landing in the Masai MAra


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