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Fellowship Qualification

Here’s the latest magazine article about my Fellowship qualification.  Published in “Professional Imagemaker”  magazine: (more…)

Kenya 2013: Day 9 – Last drive of the week & back to Nairobi

We headed out of camp this morning for a shorter (3hr) drive. The first stop was a pod of hippo which we photographed low down from the rocky riverbank – eye level shots! Sneaking around from one side of us gingerly crossing the river was a pack of hyenas… time for us to get back in the vehicle!! (more…)

Kenya 2013: Day 8 – Slippery wet muddy drives!

The lions outside camp were already eating when we left before sunrise & the hyenas were prowling around waiting to snatch a tasty morsel. We moved on, westwards and went to look in the den we had seen a few days ago – the lioness was in there with her 4 very young cubs suckling. A little further on was another lioness walking out with her two small playful cubs. (more…)

Kenya 2013: Day 7 – A ‘spotty’ morning

Our morning drive started with us hot on the trail of a large male leopard in the south of the Mara that had been spotted by one of the other camp drivers the night before. It didn’t take long for sharp eyes Henry to find him. Such a beautiful leopard, we had 15 minutes with him in the light of the rising sun, following him walking across the plain before we left him alone to continue with his hunt. (more…)

Kenya 2013: Day 5 & 6 – Can it get any better?

Wednesday morning started bright and early – we left the camp before sunrise and immediate came across lions with their freshly killed zebra. To add to the photography opportunity they were surrounded by a pack of hungry hyenas with the addition of one very cheeky jackal. (more…)