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Charity Print in Support of the World Land Trust’s “Buy An Acre” Project in Ecuador

Whenever I go on a trip, the first print that I produce is a charity print to sell in support of a wildlife/conservation charity operating in the area that I visit.

Before heading off on my trip to Ecuador last year, I looked at conservation charities that were actively operating in the area I was visiting. I was delighted to see that the World Land Trust had a “Buy An Acre” project in Ecuador, ( ) and, as part of my trip to Ecuador involved time in the rainforest, I thought that was the perfect cause to support.

Thinking back to my time at university while studying for my degree in Applied Biology, the lecture course I remember with fondest memories was that of rainforest ecology. At the time I didn’t believe that I would ever get the opportunity to visit a rainforest for myself.  But, here I am in Ecuador’s glorious rainforest next to one of the HUGE rainforest trees:

A photo of Lesley Wood in the Ecuadorian rainforest


Such diverse and precious habitats, rainforests are unique places which are disappearing at an astonishingly fast rate and must be preserved. The World Land Trust (registered charity number 1001291) is buying and saving acres of rainforest and other vital habitats in Ecuador, and my charity print will be sold to help them to continue doing so.

My World Land Trust charity print to support their “Buy An Acre” project in Ecuador is called “Jewel of the Forest”

A fine art print of a Crimson-rumped toucanet

The picture shows a Crimson-rumped toucanet, and here is my description of how I photographed the bird:

“During a visit to the Mindo Cloud forest in Ecuador I was climbing down the slippery, muddy slopes of the cloud forest floor, before dawn in total darkness, with the aim of finding a bright red ‘Cock of the Rock’ bird. Unfortunately, after only a short glimpse of the magnificent bird, in very poor light, it disappeared deeper into the forest and was soon out of sight.  I was heading back up just as the sun was beginning to rise through the cloud forest mist. Perched high up in the canopy was a stunning Crimzon-rumped toucanet (Aulacorhynchus haematopygus). It seemed to be posing for me and hopped around in the branches watching me struggle up the steep slope.   I stopped and watched it for a while photographing it against the atmospheric haze of the crisp early morning light which created a beautiful backdrop. The bird’s emerald green plumage shone like a jewel in the forest.”

Print size: 26×20 inches.  The print is printed by giclee fine art printing on high quality fine art paper, age resistant with a 100% cotton rag content. Each print is supplied ready to frame with a certificate of authenticity.

This edition is limited to just 50 numbered and signed prints.  Each print is signed by Lesley Wood.

Price:£ 240

Please select your location




I am also thrilled to announce that my picture “Jewel of the Forest” is the centre piece of a wildlife photography exhibition at the World Land Trust’s Gallery in Suffolk!

The picture (along with another of mine “Blazing Trail” showing wildebeest on their annual migration shot against a rich orange sunset) will be on display along with photography from David Tipling, Mark Carwardine, Toby Gibson and John Harrold from 17th September until the 5th October 2012.

See here for more details:

Here are my framed prints on display in the gallery ….

A photo of Lesley's photos on display

…. and already attracting attention:

A photo of two women admiring Lesley's photos over a glass of champagne

Sir David Attenborough is patron of the World Land Trust  ( ).

He is my all time greatest influence and it was his work on the “Life On Earth’ and subsequent series that inspired me to study for my degree in Applied Biology and gave me a life-long love of the natural world.  Can you imagine just how thrilled I was to receive a letter from him with the following message:

“Dear Lesley,

…… It is very good of you to use your Ecuadorian photographs to raise money for The World Land Trust. I hope that your exhibition goes very well.

Yours sincerely,

David Attenborough”

Sir David Attenborough’s comments about the World Land Trust:

“The money that is given to the World Land Trust, in my estimation, has more effect than almost anything I can think of”

So….. it’s easy ….


This is an ideal opportunity for businesses to buy a print for their reception areas or board rooms to show their clients that they care about the environment!

It would also make an ideal Christmas present or a special birthday gift!

It is my aim to sell all 50 prints and enable the World Land Trust to save 50 acres of beautiful pristine Ecuadorian rainforest.



The woodland trust logo


Wild earth fine art logo

Find out more about the World Land Trust here

You can see more of my Ecuadorian rainforest photography here

You can read about my trip to the Ecuadorian rainforest in my blogs here and here



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