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Kenya 2013: Days 3 & 4 – Nairobi to camp & first 3 drives

It was great to meet up with David Lloyd again – I was last out here with him in 2011…. I recommend his trips to anyone interested in wildlife photography. After a reasonable sleep we left the Serena hotel on Monday morning for a short drive to Wilson airport where we caught our flight out to the Mara … in a 12 seater prop. Always a bit of a hairy flight this one, no one to help or show you how to fasten the strange harness, the pilots sitting a few feet away & the inflight service just a bottle of water – but stunning views of Nairobi and also the Massi Mara… a short 50 ish min flight.

After a 20 min drive from the earth airstrip we were welcomed to our camp – Entim camp & shown to our beautiful tents. The staff are wonderful – they can’t do enough to help and are always there with a huge smile & the offer of a drink! Marvelous! This is my second time at this camp and I would highly recommend it to anyone!

We headed out onto our first drive with the lovely & very knowledgable Henry Asandera our driver at 3.30pm – saw buffalo, giraffe, zebra (lots), wildebeest, mongoose, warthog, elephant, topi, Eland, Thompsons gazelle, lion. crocs, hippo, ostrich, secretary bird, vultures, cheetah ….. but the big highlight was a pretty dramatic river crossing of a few hundred wildebeest & zebra and the almost demise of a young zebra that had got separated from the herd in the water by crocodiles …. it got away – phew!

Henry our driver

Henry, our driver


Zebra after crossing river, Masai Mara

Zebra after crossing river, Masai Mara

The day was rounded off by drinks around the boma (camp fire) beneath a clear star filled sky, followed by dinner …. beautiful food and service. I discovered something warm & furry in my bed when I got in (behave yourselves!!!) … thankfully nothing alive, but a thoughtfully placed got water bottle – thanks Entim staff!!

We were woken at 5.30 with tea & cake (!) & left on our first morning drive at 6.15 am. We were out for over 6 hours & saw a lioness & cubs finishing off their morning’s kill and another lioness tucking into get recent kill too.

We also came across a squabble of vultures (our chosen collective noun!) approx 50 of them fighting over a carcass . Those birds certainly have some attitude!!

We stopped off and had our breakfast at 9am outside sitting with views across the Mara. Stunning.

Probably the highlight of this morning’s trip for me was my first ever sighting of a wild rhino – an old male having a great wallow in the mud. We’re heading back that way soon on our late afternoon drive to see if he emerges from his bath. It’d be great to get some good pics of him !

I’ll update you all later!!!!

Update: came across a pride of snoozing lions on way out this evening. After a while two of the lionesses started to look as though they were watching prey – some wildebeest gathering on the opposite side of the river. If the wildebeest were to cross the river they would emerge right into the paws of these lionesses. We decided to stick with them to see what happened.

Here’s a few iPhone pics to keep you going ’till I sort the proper pics!